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Team Member
Terry Amundson

founder / owner / architect / father / biker

Team Member
Melissa Meiners

owner / architect / beer drinker / groupie

Team Member
Sarah Payton

staff / Urban Designer / World Traveler

Team Member
Michael Sawiel

staff / Photographer / Outdoor Junkie

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James Tadlock

staff / swordsman / dancer / artist

Koble focuses on creating and fostering connections between clients, designers, artisans, and builders.
These relationships grow throughout the creative process often resulting in lasting friendships and strong community ties. Getting to know and understand each and every client, and their specific needs and goals, results in a positive and valuable working relationship built on trust, integrity, and consistent follow-through.

Koble’s principal and founder Terry Amundson has been practicing architecture in Portland for nearly two decades. Prior to this, Terry worked as a construction superintendent gaining an intimate understanding of the construction process. This hands-on experience provides a unique perspective of the building process and insight into the level of craftsmanship on each project. Through this knowledge Terry has forged valuable partnerships within the community, continuing to emphasize an integrated team-oriented approach within his process.


Our approach to technology & design is why some of the most significant, global brands have chosen to partner with us.


Koble Creative, Architecture LLC


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